The death of a trooper on the border with Belarus: his unit was moved near Bakhmut


The death of a trooper on the border with Belarus: his unit was moved near Bakhmut

Troop fighter Sergei Panasyuk died mysteriously near the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. After that, his unit was moved to the east. Relatives of the military are concerned, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine note that the transfer was planned.

Vitaly Kirillov, the spokesman for the Sever TV and Radio Directorate, said in a commentary to Channel 24 that the decision to move the unit was in any case not related to the incident.

Decisions are made at the level of the top military leadership. They cannot be received by the commander of a military unit. He can only provide suggestions related to the tactical position. At the same time, the higher headquarters are engaged in operational and strategic planning.

Regarding the details of the death, the soldiers cannot comment on the circumstances of the military until the investigation is completed. Kirillov recalled that law enforcement agencies are conducting the investigation.

The move was planned.

Relatives of the military say that they ended up in the Bakhmut direction. The Northern Joint Press Center told Ukrainska Pravda that the military unit A7062, where Serhiy Panasyuk served, was indeed relocated to the East, but it was planned. The relocation has nothing to do with the incident near the border.

  • The unit was moved to the place of the combat mission in advance. This decision was approved, given the “high level of motivation, training and security of the unit.”
  • During 2022-2023, individual and collective training was carried out with the unit, the level of which “was sufficient to carry out combat missions.”

The fighters passed the medical examination

The press center said that a medical examination is required only in certain cases. For example, admission to military service under a contract or in the event of a solution to the issue of leaving a soldier in military service over the age limit.

However, they assured that at the time of the departure of the military unit A7062 to the zone of combat missions, “not a single soldier complained about his state of health and did not apply for medical help to the doctors of the medical center of the military unit.”

What is known about the death of Panasyuk

  • Sergei Panasyuk, a 33-year-old soldier of the Volyn Terrodefense, tragically died on the border with Belarus.
  • The death was investigated by law enforcement and the military.
  • The inspector of the communication sector of the National Police of the region, Marina Baldich, said that the information in the ERDR was included under the article a premeditated murder. However, she noted that the shots were not from Belarus.

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