The death of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Brovary: the “black box” has already been deciphered


The death of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Brovary: the

The “black box”, which was previously found at the site of a helicopter crash in Brovary, was deciphered in France. Her materials have already been handed over to the investigation.

Prime Minister Denys Shmihal spoke about this on March 3 at a press conference in Kyiv. The investigation is ongoing, he said.

For me personally, this is a great tragedy. I lost friends in this disaster. Unfortunately, the people who were respectively in this place, at this time, children, also died. The investigation is ongoing. The black box was found and sent to France for proper decryption. The data has been received, the investigation has them,” said Denis Shmihal.

No public information yet

The Prime Minister assured that the investigation is ongoing, while it is necessary to wait for the results and see reasoned answers to a number of questions.

According to him, there is no public information on this yet.

“Just like you, I am waiting for the results of the investigation. I think that they will be somewhere in the near future. Indeed, a lot of work has already been done there, in particular, there are results of the technical condition of the helicopter,” Shmihal added.

He also clarified that all materials from the black box are preserved and of high quality.

Important! The SBU is investigating the circumstances and causes of the tragedy. The investigation is considering 3 versions: violation of flight rules, malfunction of the helicopter, deliberate actions to destroy the helicopter.

The government also created a special working group to investigate the tragedy, which included the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the head of the State Emergency Service and representatives of other ministries. On February 6, the Interior Ministry promised that the results of the investigation would be announced in a month and a half.

Plane Crash in Brovary Essentials

  • The State Emergency Service helicopter crashed in Brovary on January 18. The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs flew to one of the hot spots. Unfortunately, everyone on board died.
  • With the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in particular, Denis Monastyrsky, they said goodbye on January 21.
  • A total of 14 people died, including one child. 25 people were injured, including 11 children.

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