The decision on tanks for Ukraine is on the table of the new German defense minister

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The decision on tanks for Ukraine is on the table of the new German Defense Minister

Germany said that after the appointment of a new head of the Ministry of Defense, the issue of sending tanks to Ukraine will become “the first point on the agenda of the new minister".

Having experienced great pressure from the West, Germany said that the issue of tanks for Ukraine would be the first item on the agenda of the country's new defense minister. Thus, Kyiv has become one step closer to obtaining modern battle tanks that could change the course of the war against Russia.

Reuters writes about this.

Many countries are considering German-made Leopard battle tanks as the only plausible option available in sufficient quantities to transfer to Ukraine. But they cannot be provided to Kyiv without the permission of Berlin, which is still resisting.

After the Western allies met at a US air base in Germany to discuss military support for Ukraine, it became clear that Berlin was under heavy pressure from its objections. The publication notes that the transfer of tanks to Ukraine would be one of the most significant changes in Western assistance to date.

For now, the “decision is on the table” of the new German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, who was appointed on January 17 to replace the resigned Christine Lambrecht.

Before the announcement of the new minister in Germany, they noted that after the appointment, the first issue to be resolved by the new minister would be the topic of tanks for Ukraine. Pistorius himself did not mention weapons for Ukraine in his first comments in the post.

It should be noted that Germany is still very cautious about the transfer of weapons to Ukraine, which can be regarded as an escalation. But the allies are increasingly saying that worry is useless, since Russia shows no signs of the end of this war.

Recall that a few days ago, Poland announced its intention to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine. President Anrzej Duda spoke about the number of tanks that Ukraine could receive.

In addition, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, speaking in the House of Commons, also confirmed the supply of Challenger 2 tanks, guns and armored vehicles to Ukraine.

Now British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley will embark on a two-day trip to the US and Canada. During his visit, he is expected to convince the allies to transfer more weapons to Ukraine.

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