The defense forces repelled more than 100 enemy attacks: a map of hostilities for March 18


The defense forces repelled more than 100 enemy attacks: a map of hostilities for March 18

Despite the insane losses of personnel and equipment, the invaders still do not give up their attempts to attack in the East of Ukraine. However, Ukrainian soldiers continue to repel enemy attacks, destroy the invaders and prepare for the spring counteroffensive.

About the situation on the battlefield as of the morning of March 18, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the material of Channel 24 .

The defense forces repulsed more than 100 enemy attacks

The main goal of the enemy over the past day was still attempts to reach the administrative borders of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

To do this, the occupiers concentrated their main efforts on conducting offensive operations in the Limansky, Bakhmutsky, Avdeevsky, Maryinsky and Miners directions.

Map of hostilities in Ukraine

Over the past day, the Defense Forces repulsed more than 100 enemy attacks.

What is the situation on the routes

On the Volynsky , Polessky , Seversky and Slobozhansky directions, the operational situation has not changed significantly. Russia continues to maintain a military presence on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, but without the obvious formation of offensive groups.

At the same time, the enemy continues to equip the terrain in the border areas of the Bryansk and Kursk regions. Over the past day, the enemy carried out mortar and artillery shelling of 14 settlements. Among them are Starikov, Volfin and Solyaniki of the Sumy region , as well as Strelka, Glubokoe, Staritsa, Volchansk, Kolodeznoye, Red First, Kutkovka, Two-year-old, Western, Ternovaya and Quiet in the Kharkiv region.

In the Kupyansky and Limansky directions, the enemy had unsuccessfully tried to break through the defenses of our troops during the previous day. Fired at the areas of 13 settlements along the line of military clashes, in particular, Vesely, Gryanikovka, Olshanaya, Krakhmalny, Berestovoye, Dibrova and Andreevka of the Kharkov region; Novoegorovka, Nevsky, Belogorovka, Novoselovsky and Krasnopopovka in the Luhansk region, as well as Novoselivka in the Donetsk region.

In the Bakhmut direction, the enemy did not stop the assault operations of the city of Bakhmut. At the same time, our defenders repulsed the attacks of the occupiers in the areas of Kleshchievka and Ivanovsky. Near the line of collision, the enemy shelled such settlements as Minkovka, Orekhovo-Vasilovka, Zheleznyanskoye, Vasyukovka, Bakhmut, Grigoryevka, Ivanovskoye, Ozaryanovka, Aleksandro-Shultino, Predtechino and Vremya Yar in the Donetsk region. In total, 11 settlements in the Bakhmut direction suffered from shelling by the occupiers.

What is the situation in Bakhmut

On the Avdeevka , Maryinsky and Mining directions, the enemy carried out unsuccessful offensive operations in the direction of the settlements of Kamenka, Nevelskoye, Avdeevka, Maryinka, Severnoye and Pervomayskoye of the Donetsk region. Numerous enemy shellings were carried out in areas of 21 settlements. Among them are Kamenka, Avdeevka, Vodyanoye, Krasnogorovka, Georgievka, Maksimilyanovka, Maryinka, Ugledar, Bolshaya Novoselka, Zolotaya Niva, Paraskoveevka, Tonechko, Severnoye, Pervomayskoye, Nevelskoye, Pobeda, Novomikhailovka, Novoukrainka, Prichistov Donetsk region.

On the Zaporozhye and Kherson directions, the enemy continued to defend. At the same time, he carried out intensive shelling of the settlements of Malinovka, Gulyaipole, Zheleznodorozhnoye, Belogorye, Malaya Tokmachka, Novoandreevka, Maly Shcherbaki, Kamenskoe, Olgovskoe, Krasnoe, Volshebnoe, Orekhov, Novodanilovka and Stepnoe of the Zaporozhye region; Vremivka and Novopol, Donetsk region; Good Hope in the Dnipropetrovsk region, as well as Dudchany, Kachkarovka, Vesele, Cossack, Ivanovka, Nikolskoe, Dneprovskoe, Beregovo, Huge, Kizomis, Mikhailovka, Republican, Novoberislav, Kherson, Novoselka, Shilova Balka, Odradokamenka, Nikolaevka, Tyagin Razliv Kherson region. The total number of shelled settlements subjected to enemy shelling is almost 40.

The situation in the Kherson region

The enemy is trying to hide the total mobilization in the Luhansk region

The local so-called authorities in the temporarily occupied and occupied territories of the Luhansk region announced the start of large-scale military exercises involving the entire conscript male population of Starobelsk, Shchastya, Novy Aydar, Novopskov and Nyzhneteply, who have passports with the inscriptions “LPR” and “Russian Federation”. Thus, the invaders are trying to hide the total mobilization in the above-mentioned settlements.

Between the settlements of Ishun and Voyenko of the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the enemy began the construction of fortifications and trenches. To carry out the work, the civilian population is forcibly involved on a gratuitous basis.

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