The deficit is still significant, – YASNO spoke about the situation with electricity in Kyiv


The deficit is still significant, – YASNO told about the situation with the light in Kyiv

The Ukrainian energy system has not yet recovered from enemy attacks. The power deficit is still significant.

This was told by the CEO of YASNO Sergey Kovalenko. On the evening of January 22, he traditionally reported on the situation in the energy system.

The deficit is still significant

Kovalenko said that the deficit in the system still remains significant, despite the fact that on January 22 there were somewhat higher limits and the blackout in Kyiv was on schedule. There are the following restrictions for tomorrow:

  • Kyiv: 948 MW during the day and 608 MW at night. This will provide 65% of electricity demand during peak hours. That is, outages will occur according to the schedule.
  • Dnipro and the regionb: 1149 MW during the day, 1009 MW at night, which will provide 52% of electricity needs.

The restrictions are higher than today. Save money under any circumstances. It’s getting colder, consumption is growing, and the power system is still restored enough to withstand significant loads, summed up the general director of YASNO.

Healing of the power system is becoming more difficult

Ukrenergo, electricity producers and regional energy companies are constantly working on restoration of damaged facilities hit by enemy strikes.

However, after each next Russian attack on the energy infrastructure, restoration becomes more and more difficult and takes longer. The energy system of Ukraine has already survived:

  • 12 enemy missile attacks,
  • 14 UAV strikes on power facilities.

In addition, more than 10 GW the main installed capacities are not yet available to the Ukrainian energy system and are under the control of the enemy. In particular, it refers to:

  • Zaporizhzhya NPP, the largest in Ukraine and Europe,
  • Zaporozhskaya TPP,
  • Luhansk TPP,
  • Uglegorsk TPP,
  • Kakhovskaya HPP.

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