The Deputy Head of the Sumy OVA was given a warning in the case of embezzlement of money for restoration


Deputy head of the Sumy District Police Department was warned in the case of embezzlement of money for restoration

The Zarechny Court in Sumy chose a measure of restraint for the deputy chairman of the Sumy OVA Oleg Klimenchukov, who is suspected of taking possession of funds assigned to restore the destroyed infrastructure of the Sumy region.

The court ruled to release Oleg Klimenchukov on personal commitment. At the same time, the official's lawyer said that they would appeal the court's decision.

What is known about the court's decision

The Zarechny Court in Sumy released Oleg Klimenchukov, suspected of embezzlement of funds intended for the restoration of the destroyed infrastructure of the Sumy region, on personal obligation.

The prosecution demanded that he be arrested into custody. Prosecutor Volodymyr Nikitchenko worries that a suspect may be hiding from court, destroying, concealing or mutilating evidence, influencing witnesses, or continuing to commit other offenses.

Oleg Klimenchukov himself asked the court to dismiss the prosecution. The official said that he was a migrant and lived with his family. And that he does not have his own housing either abroad or in Ukraine.

I want to stay and live in Sumy. The prosecutor did not provide sufficient grounds for these risks. All positions of the investigation are conjecture. If I am taken into custody, it will be a family tragedy for me,” said the deputy chairman of the OVA.

What is known about the scheme in the Sumy OVA

  • On February 2, the SBU exposed and blocked a large-scale corruption scheme organized by the leadership of the Sumy Regional Military Administration.
  • According to the investigation, in April 2022, the Deputy Chairman of the Sumy District Military Administration, together with the head of the Capital Construction Department, organized a scheme to embezzle funds that the government allocated for restoration of the city of Akhtyrka. For this money, residential buildings, civilian and critical infrastructure, as well as bridges and roads were to be rebuilt.
  • To do this, the attackers entered into contracts for restoration and construction work with five affiliated commercial structures. The SBU established that the businessmen deliberately included in the estimate documentation the prices for building materials, which were 2-3 times higher than the market prices.
  • The acquisition of these building materials took place through “gasket companies” specially created by the businessmen. During the repair of only one object, the attackers appropriated 1.4 million hryvnia. Currently, special services are conducting examinations on another 80 such objects. During searches at the places of work and residence of the defendants, law enforcement officers found draft documentation, mobile phones and computer equipment red-handed.
  • Klimenchukov was handed a suspicion, he is charged with taking large amounts of budgetary funds by abusing his official position (h 5 article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). Suspicion was also handed to and. Head of the Capital Construction Department of the OVA.

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