The detained guard of Medvedchuk told how he was evacuated


Medvedchuk's detained guard told how his evacuation took place

Medvedchuk's bodyguard/Video screenshot

Viktor Medvedchuk's bodyguard who was detained together with the deputy, told how the flight of Putin's godfather took place. The FSB of Russia organized Medvedchuk's escape.

During the testimony, the guard said that he had been in the service of Medvedchuk for 20 years. His duties included guarding Medvedchuk's house and Putin's godfather himself.

Medvedchuk's flight was supposed to take place through Pridnestrovie

According to testimony, Medvedchuk was hiding in a private house in Kyiv. At the same time, according to the “legend”, this house was allegedly rented by a family from Italy.

The guard said that Medvedchuk talked with his wife. According to their conversations, the guard concluded that the deputy was waiting for help from the FSB and an escape was being prepared.

Medvedchuk personally told the bodyguard that some kind of military would come for him. He changed into the uniform of the Ukrainian military and left the house.

The flight of Putin's godfather was supposed to take place through Transnistria, since it was impossible to cross the border with Russia or Belarus.

He said that the removal of Medvedchuk prepared the FSB under the leadership of Putin.

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