The developer of “Buran” received head injuries in a pre-trial detention center

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The developer of

Scientist Alexander Kibalchenko, who was arrested on charges of organizing a murder, received an open head injury, a contusion of the brain and a fracture of the right temporal bone in a pre-trial detention center. This is reported by TASS with reference to a source in medical circles.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, Kibalchenko did not come to the court, which was considering the extension of his arrest, because of his injuries.

Now the scientist is in a psychiatric hospital in a pre-trial detention center. A TASS source said that he was injured “under unexplored circumstances.”

Buran developer accused of contract murder

As Rambler reported, investigators suspect Alexander Kibalchenko of ordering and organizing the murder of his former son-in-law. The media call Kibalchenko a Doctor of Technical Sciences and one of the developers of the Buran spacecraft.

According to the investigation, the scientist ordered the murder because of the man's divorce from his daughter and disputes about where his grandchildren will live. The UK said that he paid the perpetrators $ 50,000 for the crime.

The lawyer of the 63-year-old professor, Alexander Karabanov, said that Kibalchenko rejected all charges. The lawyer believes that his client was slandered by one of the defendants in the case. Karabanov asked to release the scientist on bail of ten million rubles, but the court extended the arrest until June 5.

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