The developer of “Sputnik V” assessed the situation with the incidence of covid in Moscow

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The developer of Sputnik V assessed the situation with the incidence of covid in Moscow

Head of the Laboratory of the Mechanisms of Population Variation of Pathogenic Microorganisms, Center named after Gamalei Vladimir Gushchin, who is one of the developers of Sputnik V, explained the explosive increase in the incidence of coronavirus in Moscow.

The scientist is sure that active vaccination of the population will help to correct the situation. He noted that the last two waves could not form a collective immunity.

– This is a kind of phenomenon that begins to work only when the population of people reaches such a number of people who have been ill or vaccinated, when we can count on protection from subsequent outbreaks, – quotes the words of Vladimir Gushchin

Gushchin noted that in Russia everyone has the opportunity to get vaccinated. Only vaccination will allow the formation of herd immunity.

And people do not get vaccinated because, in his opinion, doctors are bad at convincing of necessity.

– Therefore, a large number of people who have previously suffered from the disease fall ill again. We see that 40% have no antibodies. Therefore, it is not surprising, – summed up Gushchin.

The full version of the show “Let me tell!” with Vladimir Gushchin see here.

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