The dialogue will continue: US to respond to Russian security proposals

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Диалог продолжится: США ответят на российские предложения по безопасности

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the US had agreed to convey to Russia its response to its “concerns.”

This is how he answered the journalists’ question about whether Washington will somehow respond to the Russian Federation’s proposals on security, some of the points of which, in particular, concern Ukraine.

– We have agreed that we will give Russia our response to the concerns that have been voiced, share our concerns, outline our ideas for further consideration and give the Russian side an opportunity to get acquainted with them. Then we will decide how to move forward–” he said during a briefing on January 21.

Prior to that, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the United States allegedly promised to give a written response on Russian security proposals.

– At the moment, the Russian Federation is involved in the diplomatic process, but at the same time it is escalating the situation: it is building up military forces on the border, preparing for aggressive actions against Ukraine. We and our allies are equally ready to do everything that depends on us to make it clear to Russia that there will be a quick, tough and unified response to any aggression towards Ukraine–” Blinken said meanwhile.

He clarified that we are talking not only about military intervention itself, but also about other tools that Russia can use– such as, for example, cyber attacks.

– Based on what we said today, I believe that there are still those areas in which we can solve some issues on mutually beneficial terms. These are greater transparency in military operations, risk reduction, arms control and other tools for building trust. This will solve both Russia’s concerns and our concerns–” the Secretary of State said.

He noted that there are things in which the United States does not intend to retreat. Among them are the fundamental principles: the open doors of NATO and the right of each country to decide for itself – One nation cannot just change the borders of another country and influence by force, forcing neighbors to change their decisions and aspirations,” Blinken said.

He stressed that the discussion of these issues will take place at the ministerial level and, if necessary, the presidents of the two countries will be involved in them.

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