The diplomat reveals the details of the return from North Korea on a railcar

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The diplomat reveals the details of the return from North Korea on a railcar

Russian border guards were not at all surprised by the appearance of diplomats who returned from North Korea on a railcar. The third secretary of the embassy Vladislav Sorokin, who was pushing the loaded cart, shared such details of the unusual return to his homeland, the correspondent reports.

The diplomat said that the border guards met them with such faces as if they see such carts every day, but this is not the case. “We were greeted very warmly, everything was polite and correct,” Sorokin told reporters. He added that the border guards took the now famous cart for storage and helped to unload everything from it. From the border to Vladivostok, employees of the Russian embassy took a special bus, which was allocated by the authorities of the Primorsky Territory.

According to the diplomat, the railcar itself was made by the specialists of the Russian-Korean joint venture “Rasoncontrans”, located not far from the border. “The decorations, the fact that the seats were upholstered with red velvet, is the initiative of our Korean friends,” Sorokin said. According to him, the cart took several days to make.

The diplomat said that the railcar trip was the most unusual journey in his life, but he is ready to repeat it, “if the homeland orders.”

The “journey” of the diplomats became known on the evening of February 25. The Russians were unable to leave the territory of the neighboring country in the usual way, since passenger traffic between Russia and the DPRK was interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, the Russians traveled to the border area by public transport, but they had to cross the Tumannaya River, which separates the countries, by a railway bridge on a non-self-propelled railcar.

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