The diplomat spoke about the emergence of the idea of joining Russia to NATO

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Russian Ambassador to Britain Kelin: the idea of the country's entry into NATO belongs to political scientists

The diplomat spoke about the emergence of the idea of joining Russia to NATO


Russian Ambassador to Great Britain Andrei Kelin told in an interview to Sky News, a recording of which is at the disposal of RIA Novosti, how in the early 2000s the idea of Russia becoming a part of NATO arose, about which George Robertson, the former secretary general of the alliance, is currently talking about … According to him, the idea of such an accession belonged not to politicians, but to political scientists, and already at that time was unrealistic.

“I know George Robertson. We worked together at the time. He was NATO Secretary General, and I was an advisor to NATO. We met with him several times and discussed this situation. This idea was in the air, which was not proposed by us, probably by some political scientists regarding Russia's joining NATO, but at that time it was unrealistic, unrealistic after that. You know, there are realistic and unrealistic things. NATO has changed, the situation has changed, ”said the Russian diplomat.

Earlier, Robertson noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin at one time thought about the country joining the alliance, and also wanted the state to become part of Western Europe.

Earlier it became known that the US Permanent Representative to NATO Julianne Smith said that none of the member countries of the alliance is going to conduct a dialogue with Russia regarding the organization's open door policy and refuses to make any concessions to it. She also stressed that the United States has no idea about the mood with which Moscow is going to negotiate with the North Atlantic Alliance, as well as what proposals are being prepared by Russian diplomats.

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