The Dnieper Terodefense repelled the Russian offensive and captured captured equipment


Dneprovskaya /></p>
<p>Destroyed equipment of the occupiers/Dnieper separate battalion of territorial defense territorial defense continue to protect Ukraine from Russian invasion. And at the same time, they acquire captured equipment, which will soon be used against the invaders.</strong></p>
<p>The division of the Dnieper Territorial Defense also boasted of its trophies. The fighters managed to repulse the enemy's offensive in one of the southern directions.</p>
<p>After the battle, AK-12, ATGM and 120-mm mortar fell into the hands of Ukrainian soldiers. Although the latter was damaged, it is fit for battle.</p>
<p>“Let the Muscovites not worry, we will soon return both boxes of mines left by them in full. And we will even add our own,” the soldiers of the invaders warned.< /p></p>
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