The doctor assisted the woman during the shelling in Kharkov: a terrible video


A doctor assisted a woman during shelling in Kharkiv: creepy video

The shelling of Kharkiv on April 17/Screenshot from the video

Russians from artillery shelled the center of Kharkov. As a result of the attack, five people were killed and about 13 others were injured.

Subsequently, a video appeared on the Web that shows the brave work of emergency doctors. Right during the shelling, one of the doctors remained next to the wounded woman.

Probably, after the first shelling, the woman was injured in her leg. The shelling resumed when the victim was being treated. Most of the people fled into the building.

Lie down! Don't get up, – a doctor's cry is heard on the video.

He literally covered the wounded woman with himself. Next to him is another wounded man, who is groaning in pain.

Briefly about the shelling in Kharkiv on April 17

  • Kharkiv residents began to report shelling in the central part of the city after 13:00. Subsequently, the Russians shelled the city center.
  • They fired multiple rocket launchers at the city. Residential and administrative buildings were destroyed. Fires broke out in various places in the city center.
  • Five people were killed and 13 injured from shelling.

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