The doctor has discovered a way to quickly get rid of postcoid syndrome

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The doctor has discovered a way to quickly get rid of postcoid syndrome

Doctor-therapist of the highest category, member of the Science Journalists' Club Alexei Vodovozov told how long the postcoid syndrome lasts and what its manifestations are, in an interview for Sputnik radio.

Vodovozov stated that headaches, weakness and memory impairment are the consequences of postcoid syndrome. A significant number of COVID-19 survivors experience these symptoms. Basically, postcoid syndrome lasts about four weeks, but in at least a third of patients, its manifestations persist for twelve weeks or longer.

According to the doctor, there is now evidence that there is a link between coronavirus vaccination and the duration of postcoid syndrome. He called the COVID-19 vaccine a way to get rid of the consequences of the disease faster. It also helps to shorten the duration of the syndrome itself.

“There is statistics that when a person has been ill with COVID-19, and then is vaccinated, then either the manifestations of the post-covid species decrease, or they disappear altogether. So far, this has not been confirmed in large-scale studies, but information is accumulating around the world. If so, this would be an additional argument in favor of vaccinating those who have been ill, ”Vodovozov emphasized.

Previously, the nutritionist listed the foods prohibited for postcoid syndrome. Doctor of Medical Sciences Mikhail Ginzburg urged to abandon sugar, potatoes and rice.

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