The doctor lists insomnia-provoking habits

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The doctor lists insomnia-provoking habits

The doctor lists insomnia-provoking habits

A person by his actions himself can provoke insomnia in himself. This was announced on the air of the TV channel “Russia 1” by the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov.

According to the specialist, when waking up at night, you should not look at the clock. “If you look at the clock, and many of them are glowing, you will turn on:“ Listen, and after two hours, get up, ”he explained.

The regime is very important, according to the doctor. You need to go to bed at the same time, regardless of the day of the week. “At eleven I got up at seven. At ten I went to bed – at six I got up. Reflex. Like Pavlov's dog. You should do just that, if you stayed up in the evening, then get up, do not sleep in the daytime and in the morning: it’s still at seven, ”the specialist emphasized.

According to Myasnikov, if a person sleeps during the day, compensating for the lack of sleep at night, then at night he will again suffer from insomnia. The doctor also advised not to lie down during the day just like that, since “the bed is a reflex to sleep.”

For those who cannot fall asleep for 20 minutes at night, the expert recommends walking around and calm down. In this case, you should not smoke, drink alcohol, eat and look at the smartphone screen.

Earlier, somnologists, neurologists and other doctors told MIR 24 when and how much you need to sleep in order to feel good, why it is harmful to sleep in the evening and whether daytime sleep can replace nighttime sleep.

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