The doctor named five ways to prevent a hangover

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Therapist Dulova: a hangover can be avoided if you follow the measure and eat fatty foods

The doctor named five ways to prevent a hangover

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A hangover occurs when the body is intoxicated with alcohol: alcohol is harmful to the liver, pancreas, brain and other organs. Five ways to avoid such a condition in an interview with KP.RU were named by the therapist, head of the therapeutic department of the Izmailovsky Consultative and Diagnostic Center of the Pirogov Center, Lyubov Dulova.

The first way is to avoid a hangover: be careful and don't drink too much. The second is to eat alcohol with fatty foods. According to the doctor, it interferes with the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream, so New Year's meals may come in handy.

Thirdly, in addition to alcohol, you should drink fruit drinks and do not forget that carbonated drinks accelerate the onset of intoxication. That is why you can quickly get drunk with champagne, and lightning fast with vodka and soda. Another way to prevent hangovers is to take long breaks between drinks, move a lot, and go for a walk. At the same time, Dulova clarified, it is not worth taking alcohol with you to the street. “There is no need to set a goal to consume all the wine reserves in the first hours of the holiday,” the doctor joked.

Finally, before going to bed, you should restore the water balance in the body – drink clean water. Alcohol quickly binds fluid in the body, hence the swelling the next day, Dulova summed up.

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