The Duma approved the blocking of sites with information about persons under state protection – security officials and judges

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MOSCOW, June 15. / TASS /. The State Duma on Tuesday adopted in the second reading a bill on the provision of state protection to any employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Rosgvardia, the Ministry of Defense and the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) of Russia. The amendments approved by the deputies also provide for a ban on the dissemination of information with personal data of persons under state protection, including security officials and judges, and the possibility of blocking sites with such information by Roskomnadzor.

While the law prohibits “the issuance of information held by the operator about the identity of protected persons (about personal data) and about their property”, the operator means government agencies, as well as legal entities and individuals involved in the processing of personal data. According to the amendment, a temporary ban can also be imposed on “the dissemination of information containing information about protected persons (about personal data)”, with the exception of cases if such information is clarified in accordance with the established procedure in connection with criminal proceedings.

Roskomnadzor will be able to block sites with such data: the basis for inclusion in the Unified Register of Banned Sites will be the availability of information containing information about persons under state protection who are guaranteed confidentiality. State protection is provided to judges, prosecutors, employees of the FSB and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the penal system, enforcement bodies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, certain servicemen of the Rosgvardia, the Ministry of Defense, the SVR and others. The list of persons to whom such a security measure as ensuring confidentiality is applied is determined by the head of the relevant authority.

The bill includes in the list of persons entitled to state protection, all employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard, the Ministry of Defense and the SVR. So far, protection is provided only to those employees of these bodies who are involved in operational-search and investigative activities, in the maintenance of public order and the execution of court sentences, or who are directly involved in the fight against armed crime or terrorism, as well as in special operations. According to the authors of the initiative, a threat to life and safety may arise regardless of personal participation in the protection of public order, the fight against crime, etc. In addition, the bill establishes that the Russian Guard can be involved in protecting persons under state protection.

Another supported amendment includes in the list of those who are granted state protection who have already been dismissed from service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Rosgvardia, FSB and state security agencies, subject to “the continuing threat of encroachment on life, health and property.”

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