The enemy attacked with loitering ammunition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the enemy helicopter: the main thing from the General Staff


The enemy attacked with loitering ammunition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the enemy helicopter: the main thing from the General Staff

It's been exactly a year since Ukrainian defenders are holding back a large-scale Russian attack on our state. The command of the Ukrainian army described the situation on the battlefield and noted which sections of the front were the hottest.

It is known that the invaders are consolidating forces, trying to advance in the Kupyansky, Limansky, Bakhmutsky, Avdeevsky and Miner directions. However, the soldiers of the Armed Forces rebuff them.

Which cities and villages were shelled by the enemies and where they “advanceed negatively”: the situation in the directions

As stated in the General Staff, during the day the enemy launched 18 air strikes, 4 of them with loitering ammunition of the Lancet type. The Russians also carried out more than 30 attacks with MLRS.

  • OnVolynsky,Polessky,Severskyyes Slobozhansky directions– situation without significant changes. So far, Russia is not forming strike groups for a second offensive. However, Putin's soldiers continue to attack settlements in this region. Among them are Senkovka, Elino and Leonovka of the Chernihiv region; Iskrikovshchina, Volfin, Zapsilye and Miropolye of the Sumy region. Also in the Kharkiv region, 18 districts of settlements were shelled, in particular, we are talking about Lemishchyna, Oleksandrivka, Staritsa, Volchansk and Bologovka.
  • On Kupyanskyyes in the Limansky directions the enemy tried to advance in the areas of the Serebryansky forestry and the settlements of Verkhnekamenskoye and Razdolevka of the Donetsk region. At the same time, he fired artillery at 14 districts of settlements, including: Gryanikovka, Kupyansk, Berestovo in the Kharkiv region and Dibrova and Belogorovka in the Lugansk region.
  • On Bakhmutsky directionthe invaders carried out an unsuccessful offensive near the settlements of Dubovo-Vasilovka, Berkhovka and Zheleznyanskoye. In addition, 15 settlements were subjected to shelling, in particular, Disputed, Vesele, Dubovo-Vasilovka, Berkhovka, Bakhmut and Ozaryanovka of the Donetsk region. /strong> directionsin the areas of settlements Pervomaiskoye, Nevelskoye, Marinka, the Russians wanted to advance, but they failed to do so. It should be noted that artillery shelling was recorded in about 16 settlements, including Avdiivka, Vodiane, Zolotaya Niva, Maryinka, Vuhledar and Bolshaya Novoselka in the Donetsk region.
  • On Zaporozhye direction under enemy fire were areas of 17 settlements. In particular, Vremovka, Novopol, Donetsk region, and Olgovskoe, Huliaipole, Orekhov, and Belogorie, Zaporozhye region.
  • On Kherson direction27 settlements of the Kherson region, which are located on the right bank of the Dnieper, suffered from artillery fire. We are talking about Dudchany, Berislav, Vesel, Tyaginka, Antonovka and Kherson.

Pay attention! There is still a threat of Russian missile strikes throughout the territory of our state. Under no circumstances should security be neglected.

Lawlessness of Russians in the occupied part of the Kherson region

It became known that in Chaplinka, Kherson region, the invaders introduced a round-the-clock curfew from February 23 to 25. Probably, the reason for this is the transfer of military equipment from the temporarily occupied Crimea to strengthen the line of defense.

At the same time, in Nova Kakhovka, the invaders break into people's apartments, arguing this with the so-called “checks”.

< p class="bloquote cke-markup">During the check, the registration and title deeds are verified. In case of their absence, the residents will be evicted within a week, and the servicemen of the Russian occupation forces will be quartered there, the General Staff stated. p> As of February 24, 2023, it is known that Ukrainian aviation inflicted 14 strikes on areas where enemy equipment and personnel were concentrated in a day. The Armed Forces of Ukraine also destroyed 1 Mi-24 attack helicopter and 1 Lancet UAV.

In addition, to this topic, we recall that a year after the start of the full-scale invasion, the Ukrainian army sent 146,820 Russians to Kobzon.


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