The enemy had an ambition to “walk around Kiev” on May 9, – Malyar


The enemy had an ambition to 'walk around Kyiv' on May 9, – Malyar

Kyiv is still under the threat of a Russian attack/serhii nuzhnenko

Anna Malyar urged people to wait before returning to Kyiv. The Deputy Minister of Defense is convinced that the threat in the capital has not yet passed.

She spoke about this on the Rada TV channel. Anna Malyar stressed that there is still a high probability of rocket attacks on Kyiv by the invaders.

The Russians can resume the attack on Kyiv

As for May 9, Anna Malyar called this date sacred for Russian invaders. But she wouldn't say the capital would be safe immediately after this day.

The enemy was considering this option. They had such an ambition to “walk around Kiev” on May 9,” she noted.

Anna Malyar added that this is a recognizable handwriting of both the KGB and the entire Russian army. They tried to dedicate everything to some historical dates.

At the same time, everyone should understand that an active phase of fighting continues in eastern Ukraine. Therefore, the enemies are inflicting missile and bomb strikes on the Kharkov, Donetsk and Zaporozhye regions. And this means that the risk remains throughout Ukraine.

Consequently, Kiev should wait. Anna Malyar recalled that for the Russian invaders he was a key target. And it is impossible to accurately predict whether Russia will resume its offensive against the capital.

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