The enemy is attacking the logistics routes, the situation is dynamic, – an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about Bakhmut


The enemy is attacking the logistics routes, the situation is dynamic, - an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about Bakhmut

The Ukrainian Armed Forces use mobile defenses to protect Bakhmut and its environs. The enemy has reduced its offensive potential due to the losses inflicted on it by the Ukrainian defenders.

This was announced on Channel 24 by Rodion Kudryashov, Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Deputy Commander of the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade. Due to the losses inflicted, the enemy is very demotivated.

Armed Forces use mobile defense

Rodion Kudryashov said that the situation in the city and around is tense, but controlled. Logistic routes to the city are completely controlled by the Ukrainian defenders.

“There are partial fire attacks from one side or another on our logistics routes. We use mobile defense. We work to defeat the enemy as much as possible and preserve our own personnel,” he added.

Officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine promptly about the latest events near Bakhmut: watch the video

The Ukrainian military stressed that the enemy has not changed the tactics of warfare and continues to refer to the assault by large groups of infantry, beating the front line of defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, the intensity of such assaults is decreasing.

“The enemy is demotivated. He needs to take a lot of steps to achieve some success. It is equally important that we constantly inflict fire damage on him, they will suffer heavy losses,” the major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine emphasized.

Fighting in the city is harder

Rodion Kudryashov also explained the difference between defensive or offensive operations in the city and in the field. According to him, the fighting in the city is more difficult, because it takes more time to clear some territory. In the field, the distance to the enemy reaches 1 meter.

Arrow fights take place point-blank, and therefore the skills of handling weapons are not superfluous, – he stressed.

According to Kudryashov, artillery plays a big role in the field, allowing you to clear the enemy in a certain square. He noted that the battles for Bakhmut are highly intense, dynamic and exhausting, but the Ukrainian defenders continue the order – the defense of the city of Bakhmut and its environs.

More about the defense of Bakhmut

  • Journalists have established the names of 2092 prisoners of Russian colonies who died during the hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. Most of them participated in the assault on Bakhmut.
  • The battles for Bakhmut have been going on for more than six months. Many experts said that the Ukrainian defenders would have to retreat from this settlement, but the armed forces continue to hold the line.
  • The military expert suggested that the Russians would hold out in this regime for several more weeks – up to a month. After that, the Ukrainian counteroffensive will begin.

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