The enemy is fixed near the top of the Donetsk region


The enemy is entrenched near the Top of Donetsk Oblast

The Russians are trying to gain a foothold near the Vershina settlement/General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ukrainian lands. On July 28, they began to establish themselves near the village of Vershina in the Donetsk region.


The enemy experienced partial success in the direction of the Renaissance – the Top. This is stated in the construction of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 6 a.m. on July 28.

the Russians are gaining a foothold southeast of the village of Vershina, the military said.

Note that this is the only success of the Russian army at the front in recent years. All attempts to storm the Bakhmut direction were unsuccessful for Putin's soldiers. Trying to improve the tactical situation, the enemy led the assault in the direction of Klinovo – Bakhmut and Mironovsky – Semigorye. The Ukrainian military repelled the enemy and forced them to retreat.

The attempt of the Russians to advance along the directions of Vladimirovka – Soledar and Stryapovka – Soledar was also a failure.

Pay attention! According to the White House Russia lost more than 75,000 soldiers in the war against Ukraine. It's about the dead and the wounded. American officials noticed that this is a lot.

What is the situation in other directions

  • The enemy did not conduct active operations in the Kramatorsk direction. He fired artillery at the areas of Zakotny, Verkhnekamensky and Tatyanovka. Inflicted an air strike near Serebryanka.
  • In the Slavic direction, the invaders stormed near Dovgenkiy – Mazanovka and Apiary – Dolina. Fortunately, they were not successful.
  • In the Kharkiv direction, Putin's soldiers launched an airstrike near Russian Tishki. In addition, they conducted aerial reconnaissance to clarify the position of our troops and adjust their fire.

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