The enemy is now suffering fewer losses – it looks like the Wagners have run out, – Svoboda battalion commander


The enemy is now suffering fewer losses - it looks like the Wagners are over, - the Svoboda battalion commander ;

Russian invaders keep trying to take the city of Bakhmut. They are trying to change tactics and instead of the “Wagnerites” who could not capture the city, regular army soldiers are sent to this sector of the front.

About this Channel 24 strong>said the commander of the battalion “Freedom” of the National Guard of Ukraine Petro Kuzik. He noted that the situation at the front is now difficult.

The enemy is suffering huge losses

In his According to him, the enemy is trying to develop success in the direction of Soledar.

Also, he did not stop trying to take Bakhmut and is trying to surround him from two sides, so he intensified his efforts in the assault. – stressed the commander of the battalion “Freedom”.

He stressed that the enemy continues to suffer huge losses.

“There are fewer now, because the Wagners have run out and more Russian military personnel are coming. They are working more carefully and restrainedly, but still trying to squeeze through in certain areas,” he said.

Kuzik said that the occupiers they use artillery of all calibers.

“Aviation literally worked on our positions today. Also, our artillery works great,” he noted.

The situation in the direction near Bakhmut: see video

“We are standing, working”

According to him, the military does not and cannot have any demoralizing moods.

Especially in our units – I mean the “Freedom” battalion. And our “neighbors” on the right and on the left are just as strong. They kill everyone who tries to climb to them. We are standing, working, – stressed the commander of the “Freedom” battalion.

He noted that the weather had improved in recent days, so it became easier. Also, BC (ammunition – 24 Channel) was brought up.

“The well-known phrase “difficult but stable situation” is most true,” he stressed.

The situation near Bakhmut: important

  • The GNSU said that Russian troops tried to attack the stronghold of our border guards. near Bakhmut. The enemy sent reinforcements to this direction several times. However, the Ukrainian soldiers gave a worthy rebuff.
  • Military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Igor Shvaika reports that difficult battles continue in the Bakhmut area. According to him, the Ukrainian defenders hold back the enemy forces, but it will be difficult until the Ukrainian troops launch a counteroffensive and drive the invaders from Ukrainian soil.
  • The Pentagon representative believes that Russia is ready to encircle Bakhmut at any cost . So he throws tens of thousands of mobilized people to storm the city. This behavior of the enemy demonstrates that losses on the battlefield do not frighten him at all. In this case, the main thing is to achieve the goal.

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