The enemy still has neither the strength nor the means to attack Kyiv, – Venislavsky


The enemy still has neither the strength nor the means to attack Kyiv, – Venislavsky

Fyodor Venislavsky told if an attack on Kyiv is possible/Collage of Channel 24

The Russian occupiers do not have the strength and means to capture the capital of Ukraine. That is, an attack on Kyiv is impossible.

Fyodor Venislavsky told the relevant information on the air of the Rada channel. The people's deputy also explained why there is information about the alleged attack on Kyiv.

Venislavsky said if Russia could try to capture Kyiv again

A member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence said that while the war is going on, Russia will see its main task as the destruction of Ukrainian statehood. After all, Russia denies the very fact of the existence of the state and the right to its existence.

Venislavsky explained that this is another crime of Russia on the level of war crimes.

They can achieve this goal, which they declare in a wide media space, if they try to seize the capital of Ukraine. Therefore, Kyiv is a priority task for them and the number one goal,” Venislavsky explained.

However, he explained that it is not worth talking about Kyiv in the coming days, in the short or even medium term, an assault attempt will fall. In particular, because, according to the Main Intelligence Directorate, approximately 97 battalion-tactical groups are concentrated in Ukraine:

  • 52 – in the Donetsk operational area;
  • 29 – in Slobozhansky Kharkiv region;
  • 15 – in Yuzhnobuzhsky.

People's Deputy explained the enemy's hybrid information war

There is no enemy yet in the regions of Chernihiv, Kyiv, Zhytomyr regions – neither the forces nor the means to try to attack Kyiv, – the people's deputy assured.

He added that the commander of the Ground Forces, General Alexander Syrsky, who commanded the defense of Kyiv, built a strong line of defense, and even if we hypothetically imagine that in a few weeks the enemy wants to attack Kyiv, he will definitely not be able to advance even the distance needed for artillery.< /p>

Fyodor Venislavsky explained that the information in the media about the alleged attack on Kyiv is a component of a hybrid information war. After all, Russia is interested in destabilization and panic in Ukraine.

Briefly about the latest statements on the attack on Kyiv

  • On May 28, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that there was no information that Russia would commit another one attack on Kyiv in the coming days. Of course, the threat of an invasion of the capital and other areas is still there.
  • Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar explained that for Russia, the easiest and fastest way to gain control over Ukraine is to capture Kyiv. Because the city is under constant threat.
  • It should be remembered that the enemy regularly splashes missiles on the capital. The Kyiv City State Administration also explained that there are still more mines in the area of ​​Pushcha-Voditsa, near Vynohradar, in the area of ​​the Svyatoshinsky forestry, as well as on roads in the direction of Zhytomyr and Vyshgorod. Read more here.

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