The enemy tried to conduct reconnaissance in battle in the Izyum direction, but suffered losses and retreated


The enemy tried to conduct reconnaissance in force in the Izyum direction, but suffered losses and retreated

The enemy tried to conduct reconnaissance in force, but suffered losses/Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Combat operations continue in Kharkiv region. The Russian invaders are preparing to resume the offensive near the town of Izyum, Kharkiv region.

Oleg Sinegubov, head of the Kharkiv OVA, reported this, Channel 24 reports.

Unsuccessful reconnaissance attempt

The head of the region said that in the Izyum region, Russian infidels tried to conduct reconnaissance in force in some areas, but the Armed The forces of Ukraine inflicted losses on the enemy, so the Russians had to retreat.

At the same time, over the past day, the invaders fired at the positions of our military and prepared new attempts to go on the offensive. However, now the Russians in the Kharkiv direction have focused on defense, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding positions and preventing the enemy from advancing.

We add that the main and important thing is that the Ukrainian troops launched a counteroffensive in the Izyum and Severodonetsk directions. Before that, according to the adviser to the head of the OP Arestovich, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had been sitting in defensive positions for about four weeks.

Kuffar failed to mobilize Ukrainian men in Izyum

The Russian invaders are trying to involve in the fighting the inhabitants of the temporarily occupied territories of the Kharkov region, in particular, in the temporarily occupied Izyum. This is due to the lack of human resources in the Russian army. However, according to the head of the Kharkiv OVA, there is no information that someone would volunteer to become a member of the Russian Armed Forces, so the invaders' attempts failed.

It is also known that the Russians gave the inhabitants of Izyum a choice – either to leave the city for the territory of Russia, or to join the ranks of the Russian armed forces. However, it is already known that infidels from Izyum forcibly take Ukrainians to Russia. People are deported through a checkpoint at the border in the village of Chugunovka, and from there Ukrainians are taken to Russian Belgorod, where they are sent to “filtration camps”.

The situation in the Kharkiv region: the main thing as of May 23

Over the past day, Russian invaders shelled Kharkov and the settlements of the region. On May 22, the invaders attacked the Kyiv district of the city using multiple launch rocket systems.

This morning, May 23, the Russians fired at the Pavlovo Poly area. There, the shell hit near a public transport stop. It is known that one man was injured as a result of the blast.

Also, infidels attack the settlements of the Kharkiv region. During Sunday, May 22, Russian troops fired on Tsirkuny, two wounded are already known, in addition, it is known about 1 wounded civilian in Pervomaisky, and another person in Balakliya.

On Monday night in the Chuguevsky district in as a result of the shelling, private houses, a shop and a cafe were engaged. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

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