The enemy understands that in the spring the war can become a “turning point”, – an expert on the actions of Russians on the fronts


The enemy understands that the war could become a 'turning point' in the spring, – expert on Russian actions on the fronts

The invaders do not give up hope to reach the administrative borders of Luhansk and Donetsk regions. This is precisely the goal that Russian President Vladimir Putin set for the Russians at the beginning of a full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022.

A military man told Channel 24 expert Petr Chernik. According to him, the enemy is constantly changing the emphasis on the lines of demarcation.

What the enemy wants to achieve

Petr Chernik emphasized that Donbass still remains the key for Russia.

“Do not forget that this war began with the recognition of the same sub-republics,” he explained.

< p dir="ltr">According to him, Putin ordered to enter the administrative borders of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions in 2022. Since the goal has not been achieved, the Russians have not abandoned their intentions yet. The dictator ordered the complete capture of Donbass by March.

Will the enemy be able to fully organize a truly large-scale counter-offensive operation in these areas? In my opinion, I don’t see, first of all, the technical potential for this, – the military expert noted.

However, one should not forget about the human potential of the enemy, which is quite large.

< p dir="ltr">Peter Chernik told what to expect from infidels on the demarcation line: watch the video

Russian defeats at the front

Peter Chernik said that the situation at the front is not very optimistic for infidels. In particular, they cannot take Bakhmut, which is an important point.

“She is very serious for them in the fire control of the Debaltsevo railway track. Only 42 kilometers, and HIMARS work on 84 kilometers,” he stressed.

According to the military expert, therefore, the Russians are undergoing certain changes.

They shift the focus of the strategic defeat near Bakhmut. he stressed.

In his opinion, the reason is that the Russians need to show at least minimal success at the front, because no one has canceled propaganda, and they have it at a high level.

The situation at the front: in brief

  • Ukrainian Defense Forces hold back the offensive of infidels in 4 directions. The hottest situation is in the Donbass, where fierce battles are taking place.
  • The invaders are trying to attack in the Limansky, Avdeevsky and Zaporozhye directions. However, the enemy has no success there.
  • In addition, the Russians continue offensive operations in the Bakhmut direction. In other directions, the invaders are on the defensive.
  • Russia is throwing new forces into battle and continuing to suffer insane losses in the war against Ukraine. Over the past 24 hours alone, the Ukrainian Defense Forces have killed another 720 Russian infidels.

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