The enemy will soon run out of strength: a fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine predicted good news from Bakhmut


The enemy will soon run out of strength: a fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine predicted good news from Bakhmut

Bakhmut's situation is difficult – he is in a semi-circle. However, the Ukrainian military is doing everything to hold the position.

Yaroslav Lysenko, a fighter of the Svoboda battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine, stated this on air on Channel 24 . He stressed that it is important to keep Bakhmut in order to save other cities located a few kilometers away.

The situation is super hard

Keeping Bakhmut is the main task. However, there is another thing – to save personnel. The top leadership understands this, so when the operational situation changes, there are points for leaving and reserve brigades for cover, the military said.

“But today we have a clear order to defend Bakhmut and the approaches to it, so no one will get out of there. There is a huge number of our units that are really trained, combat-ready, have equipment, and who defend Bakhmut – I'm sure of it,” the speaker said.

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The military man suggested a period for which our defenders would be able to turn the tide of hostilities in their favor. The enemy is running out of ammunition and people.

Hopefully, a week or two and we will stop the enemy near Bakhmut. They run out of strength. Let's meet where we started the war in the Lugansk region – we'll liberate Rubizhne, Lisichansk, and Severodonetsk. Let's hold on now, everything will be Ukraine, we will win – I guarantee, – Yaroslav Lysenko said confidently.

What prevents the Ukrainian military

Complicates the defense of the military weather. Ukrainian defenders are forced to use the fields, dirt roads, in particular, for the humanitarian supply of units. It’s hard to do it quickly “until everything dries up,” the fighter shared.

“But the guys repulsed the enemy from Khromovoy a little. That is, now there are supplies to our units, and humanitarian supplies to Bakhmut – in addition to food, water must also be brought there,” Yaroslav Lysenko explained.

He also confirmed the fact that civilians continue to be in Bakhmut at the present time.

“There are a lot of local residents there. We offered them to leave when the road worked to Konstantinovka to Slavyansk. Those who did not leave made their choice. I think there are no women and children there anymore – mostly elderly people and other citizens,” he said. serviceman.

Why Bahmut is important

It is important to keep Bakhmut in order to prevent the enemy from turning it into a second Marinka and not pulling other cities, Lysenko emphasized.

“As long as there is Bakhmut, we have Konstantinovka. The guys are given first aid there and taken to other cities. Konstantinovka can go after Bakhumt, and there Druzhkovka, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and all this closes the ring. We have already left Dobropolye to the Lisichansk oil refinery – we started laying off,” the serviceman said.

The situation in the East: the latest

  • As of March 17, the invaders are concentrating their forces for an offensive in the Limansky, Bakhmutsky, Avdeevsky, Maryinsky and Miners directions. Over the past day, the enemy has made more than 70 attacks.
  • The Ukrainian military managed to eliminate at least an enemy company and shoot down an enemy Orlan-10 drone. Special Operations Forces continue to resist the enemy and inflict losses on him.
  • The Russian occupiers have in recent days entrenched themselves to the west of the Bakhmutka River. The occupying forces are depleted, resulting in the slowest pace of their operations since January 2023.

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