The enemy will try to capture Zaporozhye: Krivonos named 2 directions of a possible offensive


The enemy will try to capture Zaporozhye: Krivonos named 2 directions of a possible offensive

Krivonos about the offensive of the Russian army/Collage of Channel 24

Ukrainian fighters courageously repel the attacks of Russian infidels, but they do not abandon the idea of ​​an offensive and the seizure of new territories. The General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told on which two directions the enemy will try to storm in the near future.


About this exclusively 24 channelssaid General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Krivonos. He answered the question where the infidels will throw their main reserves in the near future.

2 directions of possible attack of the infidels

According to him, the Russians still have two main directions for the offensive:

  • First of all, this is the offensive on Zaporozhye . Krivonos explained that this is one of the main tasks for the invaders – to capture the city. They will continue to do so.
  • “And the second direction is Kharkiv-Slavic direction , where they can also try to encircle the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine due to the overturning of reserves and breakthroughs,” the general of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said.

The operational pause that they are now talking about does not mean that the enemy has calmed down. The invaders are changing tactics, changing the order of using their units at the front, – Sergey Krivonos noted.

According to him According to the Russian military, they are now looking for places where they can strike the Ukrainian army.

Watch the full interview with Sergey Krivonos: channel 24 video

What is the situation at the front as of July 28

The main efforts of the enemy are focused on:

  • establishing full control over the territories of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions,
  • keeping the captured districts of Kherson and part of Kharkiv, Zaporozhye and Mykolaiv regions,
  • creating favorable conditions for the resumption of the offensive in certain directions,
  • blocking Ukrainian sea lanes in the Black Sea

What is the situation in the main directions:

  • In the Slavyansk direction, the occupiers carried out assault operations in the directions of Dovgenkie – Mazanovka and Pasika – Dolina, looking for weaknesses in our defense. However, the enemy had no success.
  • In the Bakhmut direction, the enemy is trying to improve the tactical situation, but our soldiers repulsed the assault operations in the directions of Klinovo – Bakhmut and Mironovsky – Semigorye and forced the invaders to retreat.
  • On in the direction of Vozrozhdeniye – Vershina, the enemy has a partial success, is fixed south-east of the Vershina settlement. An attempt to advance in the direction of Vladimirovka – Soledar and Stryapovka – Soledar ended in failure for the infidels.
  • In the South, the enemy is concentrating his efforts on holding occupied lines and regaining lost positions in the Krivoy Rog direction.

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