The EU approved the early accession of the energy system of Ukraine to ENTSO-E

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The EU approved the early accession of the energy system of Ukraine to ENTSO-E

The European Union supported the early integration of Ukraine into the United Network of Continental Europe (ENTSO-E). It is a European network of transmission system operators with 43 operators in 36 countries.

EU Energy Ministers approved the accession of the energy system of Ukraine to ENTSO-E at an extraordinary meeting of the EU Energy Council.

– The meeting showed that the EU is clearly aware of the need to counter the challenges posed by Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine, – wrote the head of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko.

Galushchenko noted that technical issues will be resolved in close coordination with the European Commission, EU Member States and other international partners. At the same time, the Ministry of Energy clarified that technically integration with ENTSO-E will last up to two weeks .

Integration into the European network will help Ukraine during the war. Ukrenergo will be able to sustainably maintain power supply to the military infrastructure, helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine to defend Ukraine, and hospitals to provide medical care.

“This will help avoid a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe and save electricity, water and heating in Ukrainian cities,” Ukrenergo noted.

Joining the energy system to the interconnected network of continental Europe will be a step towards the energy independence of Ukraine . After the war, Ukraine and the EU will be able to jointly develop their energy sector and improve the energy security of European countries.

Director General of SPC Ukrenergo Volodymyr Kudrytsky noted that they had been working on this solution for six years . During this time, more than €700 million have been invested in the development of electrical infrastructure.

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