The EU believes that it takes two years to get rid of dependence on Russian gas supplies


EU believes it will take two years to get rid of dependence on Russian gas supplies

It will take two years for the EU to get rid of Russian gas/

The European Union may still refuse Russian gas. But, as Josep Borrell said, this will take two years.

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, EU High Representative for External Affairs Josep Borrell stressed that Europe does not intend to ban Russian energy resources . At the same time, she will look for alternative sources. And this process may take two years.

The EU considers Russia an unreliable partner

Borrell noted that the EU seeks to reduce dependence on Russian oil and gas. Like, after the war, Russia does not seem to be a very reliable partner.

Therefore, we want to diversify our sources, and the Middle East plays a big role, he said.

Josep Borrell stressed that renewable energy sources will help the EU to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

Note that the EU and the US on March 25 announced a new agreement. It provides for additional transportation of liquefied gas to the European Union. This is being done to reduce the continent's dependence on Russia and its energy sources.

Official Kyiv constantly calls on European countries to refuse energy sources from the aggressor country. Recently, the importance of this has also been discussed in the US and the UK.

40% of the gas transported to Europe is Russian. And a third of this amount passes through the territory of Ukraine.

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