The EU dealt a new and unexpected blow to Russia


The EU has dealt a new and unexpected blow to Russia

Petr Pavel as President of the Czech Republic, of course, unnerves the Kremlin. Moreover, his election is a night terror for the Russian regime.

Russia hoped Europe would crumble

Of course, these elections about Czech domestic politics, but not only.

The former military man, personifying NATO and willingness to fight, frankly irritates Russia. They hoped that Europe would crumble due to energy prices and the lack of solidarity. Russia facilitated rallies against energy prices – nothing helped.

Moreover, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that European elites would reset. He stated that they were dependent on the United States, and what he did not say.

Paul's election was the first major test. And this test was won by Europe, the West and us.

After the decision to provide tanks, this is the second major blow to the Russian regime. Just in time.

The main thing about the elections in the Czech Republic

Pyotr Pavel, 61, who supports Ukraine, won the presidential elections in the Czech Republic. In the electoral race, the retired NATO general beat Andrei Babiš, who had a close relationship with pro-Russian Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

It is important that Russian hackers interfered in the elections several times. They tried to falsify the results, because another pro-Ukrainian leader in Europe is unprofitable for the Kremlin.

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