The EU decided to limit the use of artificial intelligence

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The EU decided to limit the use of artificial intelligence

The European Commission has divided the types of artificial intelligence into four groups according to the degree of danger. The regulator wants to limit the use of AI in areas where it can threaten society.

AI systems with “unacceptable risk” , which are considered a clear threat to the safety of people, their sources of income and their rights, will be completely banned. We are talking, in particular, about applications that manipulate a person's behavior in order to bypass his will: there are, for example, toys that encourage the dangerous behavior of minors.

This group also includes systems that allow the authorities to compile a scale for assessing citizens according to various parameters. There is one in China. The local social rating system monitors law-abidingness, honesty, consumer behavior and other aspects of a citizen's life.

The European regulator referred to the “high-risk” ways of using AI:

transport and other critical infrastructure;

the use of AI in robotic surgery;

credit scoring;

assessment of the reliability of evidence in court;

verification of the authenticity of travel documents;

assessment of exams.

The European Commission suggested that AI systems with a high risk be thoroughly tested for compliance with the requirements of security, reliability, data quality, etc. before they are admitted to the market.

Chatbots were classified as an AI system with “limited risk”. According to the regulator, in the case of them, users need to be warned that the interaction occurs with AI, and then people will be able to make informed decisions.

The group of AI systems with “minimal risk” includes video games and spam filters. The European Commission considered that AI technologies here do not pose any risks to the rights and safety of citizens.

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