The EU declared a close connection between European security and the situation in Ukraine

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Borrell: there can be no security in Europe without security in Ukraine

The EU declared a close connection between European security and the situation in Ukraine

Photo: Ukrainian Governmental Press Service / Reuters

European security is closely linked to the situation in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by the head of diplomacy of the European Union (EU) Josep Borrell in his blog.

The head of European diplomacy said that in Europe “there can be no security without security in Ukraine.” “Any discussion on Ukraine (with Russia in the framework of a security discussion – note ) requires Ukraine's presence at the negotiating table,” he wrote.

Borrell also spoke about the upcoming negotiations and said that the Russian side allegedly deliberately did not mention the EU in the draft agreements on security guarantees in Europe presented in December 2021. According to him, Moscow wants to turn back the clock and return to the system observed during the Cold War. “The proposed draft agreements reflect the position of the Russian authorities seeking to reverse the evolution that has taken place since 1990, to the detriment of European unity and in violation of the independence and sovereignty of the former Soviet republics,” the diplomat emphasized.

Earlier it was reported that a Russian interagency delegation arrived in Geneva, Switzerland, for talks with the United States on security guarantees. It is known that the meeting will take place in the city on January 9-10. After the talks, a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council will take place in Brussels and consultations in Vienna at the platform of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

In mid-December 2021, the Russian Foreign Ministry published draft treaties between the Russian Federation, NATO and the United States on security guarantees in Europe. The document, in particular, states that Washington should not create military bases in the territories of the former USSR countries that are not NATO members. The United States also did not recommend using their infrastructure for any military activity and developing bilateral military cooperation with them.

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