The EU Foreign Ministers will discuss the situation around Ukraine: what aspects will be considered


EU Foreign Ministers to discuss the situation around Ukraine: what aspects will be considered

EU Foreign Ministers to discuss the situation around Ukraine in Luxembourg/BNN

On Monday, April 11, the Member States of the European Union will meet in Luxembourg for a meeting of the Council. They will discuss the war in Ukraine, assistance to Kiev and further European sanctions against Russia.

Brussels journalists report this with reference to the statement of the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell. In addition, the EU official will report on the results of his trip to Kyiv.

Four aspects of assistance to Ukraine

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen noted that the EU Council will focus on four aspects of its activities. First of all, we are talking about direct assistance to Ukraine.

The Union has already provided significant assistance to Ukraine in terms of political, financial, material, humanitarian, and we will continue to support Ukraine in every possible way,” von der Leyen said.

The second aspect is EU sanctions against Russia

strong>, in particular, the fifth package of restrictive measures.

Third, the EU will not weaken its multilateral diplomatic efforts. One of the results of this activity is the UN vote for a temporary stop Russia's work in the UN Security Council.

“The union and its members will continue to discuss with partners the need for everyone to be on the right side of history on this issue,” added von der Leyen.

The EU Foreign Ministers will conclude by discussing the fight against disinformation within the EU, as well as a strategy for further communication. The Rada notes that Ukraine “will remain a priority on the agenda of world politics.”

At the same time, there is some disappointing news. Thus, according to von der Leyen, the EU Council will not discuss the issue of an embargo on Russian oil, since some states do not want to touch on this issue now.

“There are member states that are 100% dependent on Russian oil and gas. There are countries whose energy independence is zero or almost zero. The situation of member states is very different,” the official noted.

Because, she repeated, the substantive discussion of the embargo on Russian oil at the meeting of the EU Council not yet.

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