The EU has approved a plan for the restoration of Ukraine and will become a key player in the restoration of the state


The EU has approved a plan for the restoration of Ukraine and will become a key player in the restoration of the state

Zelensky has already thanked the President of the European Commission for the new support package/Collage of Channel 24

Today, May 18, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced her intention to allocate new macro-financial assistance to Ukraine.

This is a support package for amount of 9 billion euros, which will be provided in 2022.

The EU will be with Ukraine during the recovery

Von der Leyen stressed that the EU will continue to be close to Ukraine – now, while the war is going on, and when the reconstruction begins in Ukraine.

She noted that EU member states, international donors, financial institutions and other partners therefore offers a reconstruction platform led by Ukraine and the European Commission. This means that the EU will be a key player in the future reconstruction of our country.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the European Union for a new support package announced today by Ursula von der Leyen – financial assistance and a platform for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

This will help Ukraine win

Grateful for the support package for Ukraine announced today by Ursula von der Leyen. It contains a new macro-financial assistance program in the amount of 9 billion euros and a platform for the reconstruction of Ukraine, Zelensky wrote.

He noted that this EU support will help Ukraine win the war, overcome the consequences of Russian aggression, and accelerate Ukraine's movement towards EU membership.

Why Ukraine's recovery plan is important

For today's statement The President of the European Commission also reacted to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmihal.

According to him, the main thing in the announced support package is not money, but the fact that Ukraine, together with the European Union, will not only restore what Russian infidels have destroyed in this war, but will also build a new Ukraine according to new European rules.

At the same time, Shmihal explained that the European Union will rely on the plan developed by the National Council of Ukraine on post-war reconstruction.

Ukraine will be the “owner” of the process, but for maximum transparency and efficiency, we will involve our European partners. Our overall plan will be based on 4 pillars,” he added.

The joint recovery plan with the EU will include the restoration of all infrastructure in accordance with the latest standards and European policies, the modernization of the Ukrainian state and institutions, Ukraine's integration with the EU in all areas and directions, and will also include economic transformation, in particular, we are talking about new opportunities for Ukrainian business.

This document, according to Shmygal, shows an extraordinary level of solidarity with Ukraine. He added that he was confident in the victory of Ukraine and the restoration of the state, which in the future will become a strong and equal member of the European Union.

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