The EU is preparing new sanctions for the anniversary of the invasion: what to expect from them


EU prepares new sanctions for the anniversary of the invasion: what to expect from them

The European Union will introduce the 10th package of sanctions against Russia. It is being prepared for the anniversary of the invasion of the aggressor country into the territory of Ukraine. At this time, the Russians are dispersing the message in their media that it is no longer possible for the EU to maintain the dynamics of these sanctions.

About thisChannel 24political scientist Taras Zagorodny told. According to him, the main sanctions against Russia have been introduced and are now being implemented. And new restrictions on the supply of Russian raw materials to the EU will deal a powerful blow to the economy of the aggressor country.

“Friends” will put pressure on Russia

He noted that from February 24, an embargo on the supply of oil and petroleum products from Russia to the European Union will come into force.

First, European countries agreed to set a $60 price ceiling for Russian crude oil. And now they are agreeing on oil products – also on setting an extreme price limit for them, – the political scientist noted.

In his opinion, this is a very powerful blow to Russia, because their “friends” (according to the Russians) are China and India – they will immediately begin to put pressure on the Russians with a demand to sell them oil products cheaper.

“And Moscow will be forced to sell its raw materials with a minimum profitability. Or reduce taxes for oil refining and oil producing companies, so that the latter at least keep their them the volume of oil production,” he said.

According to him, all these actions will lead to the fact that Russia's ability to wage war will decrease, because its budget deficit will increase.

As independent Russian analysts say, the drop in oil six months can be 40%. And at the end of this year it was 70%. The same applies to gas – they are forced to reduce gas production due to lack of demand, primarily in the EU, – Zagorodniy stressed.

He stressed that the entire current Russian oil and gas industry back in Soviet times was based on Germany, France and Italy.

“And now this market, which has always been a premium for Russians, is actually closing,” he said. .

How the 10th package of sanctions will affect the Russian economy: watch the video

The IAEA could impose sanctions v. Russia

The political scientist noted that he also expects sanctions against Rosatom.

But the problem is that Russia is a significant player in the uranium and fuel export market. This may cause more complications than with oil and gas, because very few countries have closed nuclear cycles,” he stressed.

However, according to him, the IAEA could long ago have imposed sanctions against Russia in the form of a moratorium on the commissioning of new units and new nuclear stations that Rosatom is currently building – both inside Russia and abroad, in particular, in Turkey, Hungary and other countries.

“The introduction of these sanctions, given what Russia did at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, would stop the development of Rosatom,” the source said.

He stressed that the issue of dependence on the export of Russian uranium is also being resolved . The United States and France, as the two leading countries in the world in nuclear energy, are trying to replace Russian uranium and introduce new capacities in order not to depend on Russia.

Sanctions against Russia: what is happening in the aggressor country

  • One of the world's largest civil aircraft manufacturers, the European company Airbus, has decided to refuse the supply of Russian titanium over the next few months. Airbus wants to restructure logistics to supply from the US and Japan. The information was confirmed by the director of Airbus Defense & Space Michael Schellhorn.
  • Vladimir Putin, summing up the results of last year, assured the Russians that, they say, nothing of what the “enemy” predicted, in particular, on the Russian economy, ” Did not happen”. However, political scientist Igor Reiterovich believes that the aggressor country is undergoing a colossal drop in the pace of economic development. The standard of living of Russians has also declined significantly and worsened.
  • Now Russia has a budget deficit of close to $56 billion. Moreover, it will continue to grow. According to Russian opposition leader Leonid Nevzlin, Russia is unable to cope with the sale of Urals oil. At the same time, gas yields little, especially if directed to China.

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