The EU named two criteria that will be of the greatest importance for Ukraine's accession


The EU named two criteria that will have the most weighty significance for Ukraine's accession

Two main criteria will decide the fate of Ukraine's accession to the EU/Guillaume Périgois

Ukraine is approaching EU membership. Therefore, our country will need to thoroughly prepare for European integration to take place as soon as possible. To do this, it is necessary to focus on two important criteria.

The European Commission will pay maximum attention to two points. We are talking about the assessment of democracy in Ukraine, as well as the market economy of our state. Matti Maasikas said this on the Rada TV channel.

These two criteria are extremely important

The head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine stressed that the assessment of democracy and a market economy are extremely important. And it is these criteria that will influence the accelerated procedure for European integration.

This process of accelerated procedure should be completed by June. The analysis will last until the summer, and in June we hope to hear an assessment of democracy and a market economy from European officials,” he stressed.

Earlier, the Office of the President told how the European integration procedure would take place. If everything goes according to plan, then in the next few years Ukraine will become part of the EU.

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