The European Union has turned its back on Russia, – Davidyuk spoke about the main signs


The European Union turned its back on Russia, – Davidyuk spoke about the main signs

After the start of Russia's undisguised aggression against Ukraine, the EU countries changed the vectors of their energy policy. Brussels will turn to Moscow on the issue of gas only in case of urgent need.

Everything suggests that Russia has finally lost the European gas market. Channel 24 was told by political scientist Nikolai Davydyuk.

The expert believes that by putting pressure on the EU countries on the gas issue, Russia “very miscalculated”.

The European Union has turned its back on Russia. They do not want to return this friendship. This can be understood both from Borrell's speech and from terrorist attacks on two of his gas pipeline branches. Putin came forward this week and proposed transporting gas to Europe via the third surviving line. However, no one needs this anymore,” the observer explained.

According to him, the head of the Kremlin “fell into Erdogan’s trap” when he began to promote the idea of ​​expanding gas supplies through South Stream.

“Putin will enrich Erdogan and make him a “Turkish sheikh”, while he himself will become poor. Meanwhile, the EU is switching to North Africa, Norway and the United States and to liquefied gas from Qatar. This is how the redistribution of the EU gas market happened- the largest market in the world. Now there is no place for Russian gas in this market,” the political scientist added.

Has Russia retained its energy influence in Europe: watch the video

In his opinion, in Europe there will still be demand for Russian gas, but only in cases of acute shortage of energy resources.

“They will let in “drops” of this gas, but in general they don’t believe Russia now, because its gas smells of terrorism and dictatorship. Ukraine brought this information to the world, it coped with this task: from refugees and emigrants who fled the war to diplomats and politicians who came there and convinced everyone. And most importantly, the military managed to cope, who made sure that Ukraine resisted throughout this summer,” Davidyuk concluded.

The collapse of Russia's gas monopoly: latest news

  • Russian dictator Vladimir Putin met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on 13 October. Russia wants to create a gas hub in Turkey in order to export more gas through it, and thus maintain its influence on Europe.
  • Russia has already shown itself to be an unreliable supplier. So Europe is still determined to refuse gas from the aggressor country. Earlier, Brussels stated that this could only happen in full only by 2027.
  • Earlier, the Kremlin announced the detention of saboteurs who allegedly intended to blow up the Turkish Stream, which Russia transports gas to Bulgaria.

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