The ex-mayor of Rubizhny was informed of suspicion of collaborationism


Ex-meru Rubizhny was informed of a suspicion of collaborationism

Sergey Hortiv took the side of the Russian invaders/Screenshot

Thus, the former head of Rubizhne in the Luhansk region is accused of conspiring with the Russian military. Now Sergei Hortiv must stand trial.

The ex-mayor of Rubizhny helped the occupiers in every possible way

The investigators noted that from March 18 to March 31, Sergei Hortiv withdrew from the exercise of his powers. At the same time, he became an accomplice of the occupying troops and representatives of the LPR. From them, he received an offer to head the occupying authorities in Rubizhne, to which he agreed voluntarily. This, according to prosecutors, violates the requirements of the Constitution and Laws of Ukraine.

Moreover, he publicly supports Russian aggression on the territory of Ukraine. And he calls the war against our state a “special military operation.” The law enforcers added that Khortyv called for cooperation with the aggressor country, as well as armed formations.

Currently, a pre-trial investigation is underway. After him, the traitor of the state will be tried and punished.

Note that Sergei Hortiv betrayed Ukraine for the second time. Here we talked more about him and how he supported the occupiers both in 2022 and in 2014.

Meanwhile, Gaidai urged the residents of the Luhansk region not to delay the evacuation – watch the video:

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