The ex-president of Mongolia called the Ukrainian passport one of the most powerful in the world


Former Mongolian President called Ukrainian passport one of the most powerful in the world

Ukraine has demonstrated its strength and invincibility to the whole world. And this inspires millions of people in every corner of our planet, in particular, the ex-president of Mongolia, Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj.

He noted in an interview with Channel 24 that the world community should help Ukraine not only during the war. It should also support our state after the war. Until it is rebuilt, restored and revived.

Now Ukraine has the most powerful passport

The Ukrainian passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. Before the war, the Japanese could travel to more than 120 countries without visas, meaning they had the most powerful passport. And now Ukraine has it,” he stressed.

According to the former President of Mongolia, Ukraine should use the fantastic support of the world. And our state should “be one of the most powerful brands in the world.”

Elbegdorzh is convinced thatif Ukraine is successful, then so will other states.He stressed that there are many suffering peoples and nations. And as soon as the war ends, the ex-president noted, the world will become a completely different place.

Ukraine, he added, is now the main newsmaker. But after victory, we will need to remain vigilant. The world will then be “like a burning house.” And we will have to work hard,in order to keep the investments and support that we now receive from the whole world.

In the same interview, the ex-president of Mongolia spoke about the situation in Russia. According to him, the Kremlin is exterminating national minorities on the territory of the aggressor country.

Meanwhile, Russia is destroying national minorities

Elbegdorzh suggested that in large cities such as Moscow or St. Petersburg are unlikely to feel “partial mobilization”. At the same time, the Kremlin uses ethnic minorities as “cannon fodder”.

As for the same mobilization,in remote regions it was forced.According to the ex-president of Mongolia, no one I didn’t ask anyone if the inhabitants of those regions wanted to go to war. They were simply persecuted, in particular, using their poverty.

The former head of state added that most of the dead Russian soldiers were Buryats, Tuvans, and Kalmyks. And allof them are ethnically Mongols. So, the Kremlin deliberately commits “ethnic cleansing, a war crime”.

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