The expert called the methods of tracking the smartphone owner

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The expert called the methods of tracking the smartphone owner

Pavel Myasoedov, partner and director of the Intellectual Reserve software company, named ways of tracking the smartphone owner. He told the agency “Prime” that all modern smartphones have a variety of sensors through which they learn information about the user.

According to him, using a microphone, camera, gyroscopes and other devices, the smartphone determines whether the user is near the device, whether he is holding it in his hands and even whether he is awake or resting.

He cited the example of Apple devices that use built-in sensors to monitor user behavior. After that, the smartphone gives him various recommendations throughout the day and shows targeted ads.

“The more modern a device is, the more connection it has with its owner and the better it understands it. Sometimes your phone knows more about you than your friends and family. And such complementary devices as smart watches, being in contact with the body, even see the psycho-emotional state of a person, measuring his pulse and body temperature, ”explained Myasoedov.

Some devices alert you to surveillance using special indicators. “It depends on the manufacturer and the license agreement that you sign, including and activating a new phone,” concluded the expert.

Earlier, Alexander Timofeev, associate professor of the Department of Informatics of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, named the sources of calls from anonymous phone numbers. According to him, most often hidden numbers are used for “cold calls” from private companies, collection agencies, financial organizations and even housing and communal services enterprises, the expert noted.

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