The expert named the signs of identity theft

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The expert named the signs of identity theft

The most obvious sign that a user's personal data has been stolen is advertising. Jon von Techner, founder and CEO of Vivaldi Technologies, spoke about this.

“If you notice that advertising is becoming more adapted to your lifestyle, it means that your digital footprint is collected and used by advertisers,” Gazeta.Ru quotes the expert.

Advertising calls are another clear sign of stolen data.

“Some of the ways you can avoid collecting your personal data are not practical. For example, surf anonymously, stop using smartphones, social media, and free web services. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your sensitive data safe. For example, use a VPN program, often clear the cache and cookies on the Internet, ”Techner explained.

In addition, the expert advised to work in “incognito” mode, use good software, and also carefully monitor where and what personal information to leave. For example, when downloading applications, you need to analyze whether it is worth agreeing to certain permissions, and in social networks, you should refuse personalized advertising in the settings.

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