The expert named the signs of wiretapping of the smartphone

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The expert named the signs of wiretapping of the smartphone

The most important sign of eavesdropping on a smartphone is its strange, atypical behavior, Pavel Myasoedov, partner and director of the Intellectual Reserve, a domestic software company, told the Prime agency.

“Signs of wiretapping can be a fast battery discharge or overheating of the gadget. If you find in the list of programs one that you did not install yourself, it is better to uninstall it for the same reason. Spontaneous switching on and off of the device is also a sign of surveillance, ”the expert explained.

At the same time, he clarified that these problems in the operation of the phone may indicate, among other things, the operation of a virus.

Myasoedov also named the categories of people engaged in wiretapping. According to him, most ordinary citizens are not as interesting to the special services as big criminals. Therefore, most often the surveillance is carried out by scammers, close people or competitors.

“Changing the SIM card, phone, passwords and mail will help prevent surveillance, but only if fraudsters are engaged in wiretapping. It will take them time to find a new agreement between the victim and the operator, ”explained Myasoedov and added that changing the phone would not help if the owner was tapped by relatives. Close people will easily gain access to a new smartphone and re-install spyware unnoticed, the expert warned.

In early October, the Ministry of Industry and Trade reported on the identification of wiretapped household appliances in the Russian sale. Vasily Shpak, director of the radio-electronic industry department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, spoke about finding foreign-made irons with built-in spy equipment.

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