The expert revealed the rules of disinfection of a smartphone

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The expert revealed the rules of disinfection of a smartphone

Deputy Director of the Institute of Innovative Technologies of the Synergy University Anton Averin revealed to the Prime agency the rules for disinfecting a smartphone.

According to the expert, it is impossible to wipe the phone with ethyl alcohol, as well as with hydrogen peroxide, since they can damage the oleophobic coating of the screen. Isopropyl alcohol is best for wiping your smartphone. “It is easy to get it in the form of napkins or spray,” he explained.

At the same time, the ideal concentration of alcohol for cleaning a smartphone is 70-80 percent. A cleaner solution evaporates faster, and for a good result, the disinfectant solution must remain on the surface for at least a minute, the specialist added.

For disinfecting a smartphone, special boxes for cleaning small items are also suitable. Boxes are emitted by ultraviolet light and other rays that break down the DNA of microorganisms, but they do not carry any harm to the things themselves. However, it is better to put the phone in it already turned off.

In October, Lyudmila Murzina, editor of the portal about gadgets and technologies, named a way to cleanse a smartphone of coronavirus. She stressed that they should be cleaned in the same way as hands, that is, they should be washed regularly or treated with a disinfectant. She noted that the flagship models of the leading brands, which have a high level of water resistance, can even be washed under the tap.

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