The expert spoke about the danger of charging a smartphone

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The expert spoke about the danger of charging a smartphone

Sergei Kuzmenko, senior specialist in testing digital products of Roskachestvo, told the Prime agency in which case it is impossible to charge a smartphone.

According to him, if the battery of the gadget is swollen, in no case should it be charged. It is also not recommended to connect the gadget to a charger if the phone was lying in direct scorching rays and heated up, or if it is wet.

The expert noted that if there are problems with charging the phone, for example, it stops charging or starts discharging much faster, in this case it is necessary to check the statistics of the phone's energy consumption in the settings. “It is likely that it began to discharge faster due to some new application,” he explained.

If the reason is still in the battery, it is most likely due to wear or damage to the battery. Sometimes this happens if the phone has been dropped or if it has been used for a long time.

In addition, problems with the battery can appear if you use a cheap charger, Kuzmenko added.

Earlier, Denis Kuskov, director of the information and analytical agency Telecom daily, said whether it is dangerous to use a smartphone while charging. According to him, it is unlikely that the phone could explode at this moment, but it is still necessary to reduce this risk. Besides, if the phone is wearing a protective case, then the probability of the phone overheating is high.

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