The expert told why you need to turn off the computer at night

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The expert told why you need to turn off the computer at night

When the computer is running for too long, the load on the cooling system increases significantly. And this, in turn, leads to premature wear and tear of the equipment and can even provoke a fire in the device. Dmitry Pyatunin, IT director at Oberon, told about this.

“For some users, sleep and hibernation may be a compromise solution. In the “sleep”, the computer hardware goes into a state of low power consumption, all files and applications that remain open are saved in RAM and will be available immediately after turning on, “Gazeta.Ru quotes the expert.

The specialist also noted that when using hibernation mode, all the contents of the RAM are transferred to the non-volatile system disk. This eliminates data loss, but increases the load on the system's renewability.

In addition, Pyatunin added that even if you leave the computer in sleep mode every evening and return to work in the morning, you still need to restart the device from time to time. This is necessary to ensure that the RAM is cleaned and the installed updates are applied.

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