The extraction procedure is the only way out of Azovstal, – relatives of the defenders of Mariupol.


Procedure extraction - the only way out of

Relatives of the defenders of Mariupol are convinced that only estration will help get out of Azovstal/AZOV-Mariupol

Relatives of the defenders of Mariupol are convinced that the only salvation for their loved ones, who are now at the plant, can only be the extraction procedure. Unfortunately, there are no other options yet.

Relatives of the defenders of Mariupol stressed that the soldiers at Azovstal are aware that if the procedure is carried out, they will no longer be able to return to hostilities. This was stated by the relatives of our soldiers during a press conference.

The best option for extraction is Turkey

The father of defender Artem Vishnyak, who is now at Azovstal, stressed that Turkey remains the best option for the extraction of our military. Including for geographical reasons, because our soldiers can be evacuated from Mariupol by sea. the only way out. And this is extraction, the father of the defender emphasized.

The wife of the border guard from Azovstal noted that our defenders have repeatedly asked the world to help with the extraction procedure.

Relatives are contacting Chinese leader Xi Jinping through the mediation in the negotiations on the extraction. The border guard's wife emphasized that the procedure could be beneficial to all parties:

  • relatives will be able to return their sons, daughters, husbands, wives alive;
  • Putin will be able to save the remnants of his reputation;< /li>
  • China will go down in history as a country that saved people and democracy.

Extraction of the military from Azovstal: the main thing

  • After the evacuation of the civilian from Azovstal in Mariupol, the Ukrainian authorities are negotiating the evacuation of wounded soldiers and doctors from the plant. According to the Minister of Reintegration, Irina Vereshchuk, there are 60 such people at the plant.
  • For Ukrainian soldiers who are now at the plant, they offer an extraction procedure. In Ukraine, they even created a petition to the UN and Secretary General António Guterres with a request to apply this procedure for the defenders of Mariupol.
  • This procedure involves the removal of the military by a third state to its territory. Until the end of hostilities, they cannot return to the front.

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