The failed offensive of the Russians in 3 directions and the shelling of cities: a map of hostilities as of January 24


The failed Russian offensive in 3 directions and the shelling of cities: a map of hostilities as of January 24

Russian invaders shell Ukrainian cities every day and try to break through the defenses of the Armed Forces in different directions. The command of the Ukrainian army described the situation at the front and told which settlements suffered from enemy attacks.

As of the morning of January 24, the threat of air and missile strikes remains high throughout the entire territory of our state. At the same time, the Russians are trying to advance in the Bakhmut and Avdeevsky directions, but they are suffering crazy losses.

What is happening at the front

As noted by the General Staff , in the Kupyansk direction, the enemy also advances to no avail, but all attacks are repelled by Ukrainian defenders. But in the Limansky, Novopavlovsky, Zaporozhye and Kherson directions, Putin's soldiers are defending themselves.

Over the past day, units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine repelled the attacks of the invaders in the areas of settlements: Chervonopopovka, Luhansk region; Belogorivka, Razdolevka, Salt, Krasnaya Gora, Bakhmut, Kleschievka, Novobakhmutovka, Krasnogorovka, Vodyanoye, Marinka of Donetsk region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated.

In addition, they told which cities and villages suffered from enemy shelling during the past day.

  • On Volynsky, Polessky, Seversky yes Slobozhansky < strong> directions– without significant changes. Actually, the enemy has not formed offensive groups, but he does not stop shelling settlements along the line of confrontation. Attacks from the entire spectrum of artillery were subjected to areas of such settlements: Buchki, Mikhalchyna Sloboda, Chernihiv region; Novovasilovka, Cossack, Sopich, Kucherovka. Civilians were killed. Studenok, Boyar-lying, Stukalovka, Vorozhba, Yunakovka, Volfin, Sumy region; as well as Guryev Kazachok, Strelka, Slobozhanskoe, Zelenoye, Ternovaya, Staritsa, Volchansk, Dugouts, Novomlynsk, Kamenka and Krasnoe Pervoe of the Kharkiv region.
  • On Kupyansky direction the occupiers attacked the areas of settlements Dvurechnaya, Gryanikovka, Kupyansk, Kucherovka, Kislovka, Tabaevka, Starch, Berestovoye, Kruglyakovka of the Kharkiv region, as well as Novoselovskoe, Stelmakhovka, Andreevka of the Luhansk region.
  • On Limansky< /strong> directionthe invaders fired at the areas of the settlements of Makeyevka, Ploshchadka, Krasnopopovka, Kremennaya, Dibrova and Kuzmino in the Luhansk region. and mortars were received by areas of the settlements of Controversial, Vyemka, Berestovo, Belogorovka, Vesele, Razdolevka, Krasnaya Gora, Paraskoveevka, Bakhmut, Chasov Yar, Klishchievka, Kurdyumovka, Ozaryanovka, Donetsk, Mayorsk.
  • At Avdeevsky directionareas of the settlements of Berdychi, Avdeevka, Vodiane, Nevelskoye, Krasnogorovka, Georgievka, Maryinka and Novomikhailovka of the Donetsk region fell into enemy fire. soldiers fired from tanks, artillery and mortars in the areas of the settlements of Paraskoveevka, Nikolskoe, Vuhledar, Prechistovka, Neskuchnoye and Bolshaya Novoselka of the Donetsk region.
  • On Zaporozhye directionareas of settlements suffered from artillery fire, in particular: Kamyshevakha in the Donnechin region, as well as Krasnoe, Huliaipole, Volshebnoye, Malaya Tokmachka, Novodanilovka, Orekhov, Novoandreevka, Stepnoye of the Zaporozhye region.
  • On Kherson region
  • strong> direction the occupiers are shelling the civilian population every day. Once again, shelling from the MLRS and cannon artillery was subjected to areas of the settlements of Antonovka, Kherson region and Kherson.

In addition, it is known that over the past 10 days, in certain settlements of the Luhansk region, the number of enemy personnel.

The General Staff also noted that the Kremlin command sends mostly inexperienced mobiles to hot spots, while professional military personnel remain in the rear.

To this On this topic, we recall that Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov recently admitted that the decree on the announcement of mobilization by the President of Russia is still in effect, despite previous statements by the Kremlin.

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