The fallen defenders of Mariupol are invited to erect a memorial in Kyiv


To the fallen defenders of Mariupol it is proposed to erect a memorial in Kyiv

Ukrainian servicemen who died in the battles for Mariupol are offered to build a memorial on slopes of the Dnieper in Kyiv.

The prototype of the memorial is the Luxembourg cemetery

It is proposed to build a memorial to the defenders of Mariupol similar to the Luxembourg American cemetery. Yelena Tolkacheva, callsign Gaika, the founder of the Angels to Azov Foundation, spoke about the idea of ​​remembering soldiers.

The feat of heroes will never be forgotten.

Those who died in the Battle of the Bulge are buried in the American military cemetery in Luxembourg. This memorial complex is visited not only by relatives of those who died in the war, but also by foreigners, officials, schoolchildren.

According to Elena, the feat of the heroes is not forgotten. Society sees the price of freedom – more than 5 thousand soldiers are buried in the cemetery in Luxembourg.

The initiators of the project emphasized that Ukrainians should also be aware of the price of our freedom.

We are waiting for the bodies of the fallen in the battle for Mariupol, who fought to the last in complete encirclement, cut off from the mainland. We cannot forget their feat. Everyone who lives here and everyone who comes here should know the price of our freedom,” said Gayka.

According to the brothers of the fallen heroes, the memorial should be placed on the slope of the Dnieper, in the very center of Kyiv. Near the Memorial complex dedicated to the Second World War. For example, on the Singing Field.

It is proposed to erect a memorial in Kyiv for the fallen defenders of Mariupol

The fallen defenders of Mariupol will forever be in our memory/Collage 24 channel

Help for the defenders of Mariupol

By the way, the patronage service of the Azov regiment announced a fundraiser for the needs of the wounded soldiers and the families of the dead. Each of us can join the collection of money that will be directed to the needs of the soldiers of the Mariupol garrison.

Details to which funds can be transferred:

  • account fund

Recipient's name: CF Patronage Service Angela AZOVAYA

Recipient code: 44853674

Account in IBAN format: UA973052990000026002026224377

Name of the Bank: JSC CB “PrivatBank”

  • account of the founder of the fund

Recipient: (https :// Tolkacheva Elena Alexandrovna

JSC CB “PrivatBank”: 5168752003016162 – UAH

“Monobank”: 5375411504836680 – UAH and Zloty (PLN )

IBAN: UA963220010000026209327739902


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