The families of the occupiers are moving from the “outback” of Russia to Zaporozhye: they live in the apartments of Ukrainians


The families of the occupiers are moving from the

Russian occupiers are moving their families to Melitopol, Berdyansk and Energodar./”Ukrainska Pravda”

Some invaders became so convinced that the occupied territories of Kherson and Zaporozhye would remain under Russian control that began to transport their families to “quiet” cities. Families of the Horde are settled in apartments with good repair and expensive equipment.

Representatives of the partisan movement told Channel 24 that “a large migration of Buryats” has been taking place in Melitopol, Berdyansk and Energodar since mid-June. Almost every day, several families of Russian military personnel arrive in cities that the occupiers consider “calm”.

It is the Yakuts and Buryats, as well as representatives of other nationalities, who arrive in Ukrainian cities with the hope of “permanent residence” who in Russia lived in barracks in the Far East.

Dirty children and women are delighted with toilets

  • Uninvited “guests” are settled mainly in new buildings, in apartments where wealthy people lived before the full-scale invasion. different apartments and together choose housing where the family will live.
  • At the same time, Buryats and Yakuts boast among themselves about the conditions in which their children will live, and even send photos and videos to their relatives in Russia as they sit on the toilets. The invaders also brag about the fact that they take a shower every 2-3 days, although the houses were washed only once a week.
  • The wives of the invaders, who spent their whole lives in yurts, are also delighted with the new living conditions and went to wash by the river. They absolutely love to sleep on clean sheets and use microwaves.
  • At the same time, the descendants of the occupiers quickly adapt to the move, threaten local residents that “their dad will kill everyone,” and also relieve themselves in yards and porches even in the presence of their parents. Of course, none of the Russians see anything wrong with such behavior.

We record every family of invaders that arrived in our cities, create a list of addresses where they from now on they live. And although the invaders believe that they are completely safe and far from the front line, it is too early for them to relax. Some of the “owners” of the new apartments have already gone to the other world, representatives of the partisan movement told Channel 24.

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Deribaning of housing continues in Donbass

A similar situation with people moving into other people's apartments can be observed in the front-line cities of Donbass and Luhansk region. However, in the Donbass, foreign housing is mainly of interest to local fans of the “Russian world”.

Families of militants, “propagandists” and simply outcasts who have certain connections with terrorists, willingly move into the apartments of their neighbors or people who are generally unknown to them and do not consider this a crime. For example, a pseudo-journalist with the nickname daria_vissarionovna on Instagram talks about how she “cleans up abandoned houses” and settles people there.

Occupants' families are resettled from " hinterlands

“Activist” Daria from Rubezhnoye calls herself the “commandant” of someone else's apartment/Screenshot of Channel 24

Of course, terrorists and occupiers do not ask for any residence permits from the real owners of apartments. This is clearly evidenced by the comments of the owner of one of the “wrung out” houses.

Families of the occupiers move from the

Occupiers and collaborators shamelessly open someone else's housing and live in it/Screenshot of Channel 24< /p>

The Russian military really want to serve in Energodar

Putin's Hordes realized that for participation in the war it is quite possible not only to earn a lot of money by their standards, but at the same time not to be under artillery fire. In their opinion, the invaders have such an opportunity, who serve not only in cozy Melitopol, but also in Energodar and Berdyansk. The invaders give bribes to their leadership for transferring them to units that are deployed in these cities.

According to the Russians, no one will storm Energodar because of the nuclear power plant. At the same time, the standard of living in the city, even under the Russian boot, is simply incomparable with the Russian hinterland. That is why the invaders are constantly fighting for places in the rear groupings of Russian troops.

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